Nadine Streich

MA in Tourism Management

RYS certified and accredited Yoga Teacher for Hatha- & Ashtanga Vinyasa (200hrs) and Yin Yoga (200hrs), Meditation Teacher and Reiki Therapist (2ndDegree)

I have worked, lived and traveled all over the world and spent more than 15 years in large corporations holding senior management positions. I had a great career and loved my lifestyle, but I always felt there must be more in life….

So, I finally decided to go on a journey, seeking answers to the questions of life.

I moved away from my job and started traveling through Asia. This is where I discovered and fell in love with yoga, meditation, reiki and much more.

I spent a lot of time in India, Nepal and Bhutan, but also in Southeast Asia, China and Japan. I wanted to learn the ancient Asian traditions and techniques right from the source of wisdom, and trained under the best teachers.

Soon I realized that everything I learnt and encountered during my years in Asia have made my life so much richer, happier and healthier and that the knowledge I gained was too precious to keep to myself. Hence, I decided to return to my home-country Germany to share this knowledge and happiness.

At Korona I am teaching Yin Yogawhich is a slow-paced style of yoga offering physical, emotional and mental benefits.

It is a passive, yet intense form of yoga, where postures are held for longer periods of time – suitable for all types of students. 

As we hold the postures we surrender into the present moment, practice acceptance, connecting our body to a zen state of mind while connecting to our source, our emotions and internal energies.

It is a wonderful way to release tension and stress and to get in touch with your body, mind and soul.

To really understand Yin Yoga you have to experience it! 

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